Deloitte Subject Matter Experts tell us why they are looking forward to the education event

Avish Sooful: Subject Matter Expert – Next Generation Analytics – Deloitte Analytics

Organisations grapple with how to change what I have; to become what I want to be. In these sessions there is something for everyone, from a start-up company to a well-established mature company. There is an even blend of topics that will help organisations in crystallising the journey, from roadmap formulation to architecture definition to implementation execution to sustainability consistency.


Ryan Norris, Subject Matter Expert – Insights Driven Organisation & Performance Optimisation – Deloitte Analytics

I am excited about  upcoming Deloitte School of Analytics event because it is going to address practical aspects of the “Big Data” hype. We have moved past the science experiment phase of Big Data to a time and place where there are so many practical use cases across all industries. The question we now face isn’t if we need to get up to speed with Big Data and its implications but rather what do I need to start doing about it now?

The main focus areas I am interested in, is how my existing approach to data modelling will change and how I factor the ever changing Big Data technology landscape into my analytics reference architecture so that it can meet current and foreseeable requirements in an agile manner. This event will bring together global thought leadership with local experience and use cases.


Nanette Scott, Analytics Education Leader – Deloitte Analytics

I am excited about the Deloitte School of Analytics because Business Analytics is such a significant focus area for so many organisations. We live in an age where businesses are continually changing, evolving and facing new challenges every day – this creates so many opportunities as there is so much information available but knowing what to do with it can be overwhelming. How do you know what to do? Where to start? Where to focus? And once you get those things right, how do you translate what you find into truly actionable insights that can actually be used to make improvements and drive your organisation forward. I am sure so many organisations have these questions and need some help to take that first step.  Or, perhaps the journey has already started but the next step is unclear.

So, if this sounds like you or your organisation, perhaps the next step is not so unclear, our February 2017 event is an exciting opportunity to get world class training in Business Analytics. The Deloitte School of Analytics, together with TDWI wants to grow the analytics profession in Africa, we understand the need organisations have to generate proper insights from their data to unlock opportunities and turn information into valuable and achievable insights.