Deanne Larson
10 Feb 2017
13:30 - 15:30

TDWI Data Visualisation Fundamentals

Course overview:

Data visualisation has rapidly become a critical part of business analytics and business communications. Without visualisation, the numbers and statistics of analytics are difficult to interpret and incomprehensible to many who need to turn data into knowledge. The advent of big data, with increasing volume and velocity of data, emphasises visualisation as a technique to compress large volumes of data into digestible presentations and observe streaming data in motion.

Elegant and well-designed data visuals often appear to be easy because skilled visual developers are able to hide the complexities and hard work behind the scenes. Business intelligence and business analytics professionals need to communicate as effectively in visual forms as they do with their verbal and written communications skills. Get started by learning the fundamentals of data visualisation.


You will learn:

  • Visualisation as a communication medium
  • Preparing data for visualisation
  • Components of visualisation
  • Choosing and using charts and graphs
  • Visual exploration and analysis
  • Visual design techniques
  • Extending visualisation with infographics
  • Visual storytelling
  • Data visualisation tools

Geared to:

  • Business analysts and data analysts
  • Data scientists and analytics modelers
  • Business analytics leaders and managers
  • BI leaders and managers
  • Anyone who uses data to develop charts and graphs for communication