09 Feb 2017
08:00 - 12:00

Business Analytics for insight and foresight

Course overview:

Business analytics go far beyond reports, dashboards, and scorecards. Analytic impact occurs after the numbers are delivered, and analytic value is driven by the kinds of questions that are answered. Ordinary analytics tell you what has already happened. Good analytics provide insight into why things happen, and great analytics provide foresight to see what lies ahead. Today’s business climate demands extraordinary analytics. Business managers need to know more than what. The hard questions today are why, what if, and what next.


You will learn:

But answering these questions is especially difficult. They bring challenges that can’t be met without holistic thinking and a systemic view of the business. It takes different analysis skills to deliver great analytics—to see the whole system, measure the right things, and find the right answers to critical business questions.

  • How and why cause and effect is the heart of business analytics
  • How to create a holistic systems view of the business
  • How to apply the systems view to find the right measures and metrics and create purposeful and actionable analytics
  • How to apply the systems view for analytic insight
  • How simulation is used to make the leap from insight to foresight

Geared to:

Business analysts and business managers; analytics designers and developers; BI program and project managers; problem solvers