12 Sep 2017
13:00 - 17:00

Big Data Road Map

Course overview:

Big data has become the new normal. Every enterprise wants to know how to integrate this new type of data and the associated infrastructure changes that need to be implemented. The world of big data infrastructure changes by the day, with new innovations happening everywhere. There are a slew of new technologies—Hadoop, NoSQL, BigQuery, Tableau, Qliktech, R, and Drill. There are new papers on emerging technologies, such as Spanner and Dremmel. The big question is: Which of these technologies does your organization need? How do we evaluate and integrate them? How will this impact your EDW strategy?


You will learn:

  • Big data: What is it? What will it solve?
  • Business users and big data
  • Building the business case
  • Next generation of business intelligence
    • Semantics, ontologies, and more
    • Managing the business rules for processing
  • Case studies
  • Big data and the data warehouse: the new landscape
  • Technology overview
    • Hadoop, NoSQL, Cassandra, Big Query, Drill, Redshift, AWS (S3, EC2)
    • Programming with MapReduce
    • Understanding analytical requirements
    • Self-service discovery platforms
  • The challenges of data processing
    • Workloads
    • Data management
    • Infrastructure limitations
  • Next-generation data warehouse
  • Solution architectures
    • The three S’s: scalability, sustainability, and stability
  • People skills
  • Critical success factors


Geared to:

Enterprise architects and data warehouse architects; developers; anyone who wants to learn about big data technologies.